Each year, Sydney Writers’ Festival brings together some of the world’s most curious, compassionate, irreverent and intelligent writers in one of the Australia’s most celebrated literary events. As Australia’s only National Writers’ House, Varuna partners with the Sydney Writers’ Festival to present its own festival program, with 17 separate events over four days in Katoomba, from 27 to 30 April 2018. (To view information about the venues, click here.)

Our aim is to bring writers and readers together in a space that’s both fun and invigorating. Our festival events are known for the art-deco grandeur of their surroundings, friendly atmosphere, and great programming.

An icon in Australia’s literary community, Varuna is Australia’s only national writers’ residence, hosting over 200 writers per year. Varuna is deeply loved by writers and readers all around Australia. You can find out more about Varuna and its programs at www.varuna.com.au.