Carol Major

Carol Major has been a professional writer for over thirty years and works with writers across all narrative forms. Her skill is in drawing out the writer’s vision and matching it with crafting tools.

She is originally from Scotland, later educated in Canada and now lives in the Blue Mountains of Australia, a location she feels holds the ingredients of all three landscapes in one place.

It follows that depicting place is one of her passions, and the subject of her Master of Creative Arts Degree.

Carol’s short stories, social commentary articles and essays have been published in Australian and Canadian journals and anthologies. She has completed three novels, and also works as a commercial writer with a particular focus on creating narratives to inform urban design.

Carol will be hosting one on one consultations on Friday 23rd August and Sunday 25th August. She will also be in conversation with Leah Kaminsky and Patti Miller in Geographies of the Imagination at the Cultural Centre on Saturday 24 August.